Trapp Estate Coconut Grove, FL LED Landscape Lighting

This past year we had the opportunity to illuminate with low Voltage led landscape lighting the Trapp homestead in Coconut Grove FL. With various landscape lighting techniques we provided an artistic design. The home has major historical significance in the community.

The home was constructed in 1887 out of oolitic lime quarried Locally by the property is believed to be the oldest-standing Masonry home in Miami-Dade county, Florida. The estate’s Construction pre-dates the incorporation of the City of Miami. The Estate was particularly notable at the time because it was one of the few stone structures in Miami-Dade county as nearly all structures in the area were built of wood at that time.

We installed mostly LED up lights and LED path lighting. All the fixtures are made from 6061 anodized aluminum. This is the best quality aluminum available for landscape lighting. We installed around 200 fixtures at this location. The LED Lighting is extremely efficient and there is no need to change bulbs. The fixtures are rated for 50,000 hours. The color of the light is warm white. Warm white LED landscape lighting is a good choice for illuminating the landscape.

Rickenbacker Marina Key Biscayne South Florida

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We had the pleasure to provide LED landscape lighting to the Rickenbacker Marina on Key Biscayne in South Florida. This very impressive commercial property is now illuminated with low voltage LED landscape lighting. We installed our most popular 6061 anodized aluminum colored black LED spot light throughout the property. The entrance sign, restaurant, and dock entrances are all illuminated with low voltage LED spotlights. Our stainless steel transformers power all the LED spotlights with a photocell light sensor. The commercial property is located on the bay near the Rickenbacker Bridge. Outdoor lighting is extremely important not only for the aesthetics of a business but also security. The landscape lighting provides safety in many surroundings. Miami Landscape Lighting is South Florida’s premier outdoor lighting contractor in South Florida.

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    De Garmo Estate LED Landscape Lighting Coconut Grove South Florida

De Garmo Estate LED Landscape Lighting Coconut Grove South Florida

One of the oldest homes in the Coconut Grove area, the De Garmo Estate called us to upgrade their old halogen outdoor lighting system. We provided a complete maintenance upgrade to their lighting system. Many outdoor lighting spotlights that have been corroding over the years were switched out with our 6061 anodized aluminum LED spotlight. We have a 15-year warranty for our aluminum lighting equipment and a lifetime warranty for brass.

This property has over a hundred lighting fixtures. We upgraded about 50% of the system with new equipment and tweaked the rest. Our client has a comprehensive maintenance plan we provide. We offer an annual detailed maintenance package with all of our lighting systems.

Walter DeGarmo was a prominent and influential South Florida architect. He graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Architecture and moved to Coconut Grove in 1903 with his father. Upon moving to South Florida, he designed numerous buildings and houses in the area. He was known for his open-air loggias and courtyards. DeGarmo designed over 30 homes throughout the Coconut Grove area.

Our Most Popular Led Spot Light (6061 Anodized Aluminum)

Landscape Lighting has evolved rapidly over the past few years with the growing popularity of LED technology. We offer only the latest in LED technology for your outdoor garden lighting designs. Our most popular LED Spot Light is made out of the best aluminum available for consumers (6061 aluminum). We anodize the aluminum to resist the wear and tear from the elements.

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts aluminum’s metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. Anodizing is a process, which thickens the natural oxide film resulting in a heavy aluminum oxide film of controlled thickness having the hardness similar to that of a ruby or sapphire. Anodizing is, therefore, a matter of highly controlled oxidation—the enhancement of a naturally occurring phenomenon.

Anodizing offers a range of colors in earth tones, such as champagne, bronze-tones and black. Unlike other finishes, anodizing allows the aluminum to maintain its metallic appearance.

Design your dream landscape lighting system in South Florida with Miami Landscape Lighting’s LED equipment. We are here to offer the best outdoor lighting fixtures, designed to withstand our hot and humid climate.

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    LED Landscape Lighting System For Acre Property In Pinecrest South Florida

LED Landscape Lighting System For Acre Property In Pinecrest South Florida

Recently we had the pleasure of illuminating with low voltage LED landscape lighting a huge corner lot in the heart of Pinecrest, South Florida. This impressive property is full of mature oak trees and beautiful palm trees. The home had an existing landscape light system that was easily 20 years old. We removed safely all the old lighting equipment and cable and switched it with LED Spot and Path Lighting. We ran all new cable to the new lighting equipment. We were able to salvage some transformers at the job because they were commercial grade stainless steel units. Our stainless steel transformer’s come with a lifetime warranty. The LED spot lights installed here in Pinecrest South Florida have a 15-year warranty.

Our good friend from Conde Landscaping also installed over 3000 plants at this property in South Florida. The landscaping is now complimented at night with professional landscape lighting.

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