This past year we had the opportunity to illuminate with low Voltage led landscape lighting the Trapp homestead in Coconut Grove FL. With various landscape lighting techniques we provided an artistic design. The home has major historical significance in the community.

The home was constructed in 1887 out of oolitic lime quarried Locally by the property is believed to be the oldest-standing Masonry home in Miami-Dade county, Florida. The estate’s Construction pre-dates the incorporation of the City of Miami. The Estate was particularly notable at the time because it was one of the few stone structures in Miami-Dade county as nearly all structures in the area were built of wood at that time.

We installed mostly LED up lights and LED path lighting. All the fixtures are made from 6061 anodized aluminum. This is the best quality aluminum available for landscape lighting. We installed around 200 fixtures at this location. The LED Lighting is extremely efficient and there is no need to change bulbs. The fixtures are rated for 50,000 hours. The color of the light is warm white. Warm white LED landscape lighting is a good choice for illuminating the landscape.