Project Description

We had the pleasure to illuminate this one of a kind property in the old Coral Gables, blocks away from the Biltimore Hotel South Florida. This prestigious corner lot was illuminated in both front and back yard with low voltage LED landscape lighting. The owner is an architect here in South Florida and is very knowledgeable with artistic concepts and designs such as landscape lighting. He played a major role in this project. We were grateful for his assistance. Before he contacted us he installed a brand new landscape design for both front and back yard with a well-known landscape design company. The garden is immaculate with the freshly installed landscape and new LED outdoor lighting.

There are many aspects to a well-designed garden and outdoor lighting system. We are technically contractors but we like to consider ourselves lighting designers. One of the reasons an architect hired us because they prefer a designer to artistically install their landscape lighting. Our philosophy when doing a landscape lighting job for a client is to create a portrait of their landscape and their home using light. We are the artist using light as our brush and the client’s home as our canvas. The end result is like a movie set, painted with light, that the homeowner will appreciate and admire every night.

At this property in Coral Gables South Florida, we used the architectural lighting technique or also called wall lighting. Lighting the fence or walls of a property will often soften the harshness and help eliminate the black holes that develop around behind the landscape. It also will help define the perimeter and create space giving the homeowner a feeling of comfort.