Project Description

This photo is from a very impressive garden in the city of Pincrest, South Florida. The home in Pinecrest gave us a chance to really explore the art and creativity of landscape lighting The job made us ask ourselves what makes some landscape lighting systems truly extraordinary?

The major reason is that they are mentally stimulating. A major key to lighting is sense and purpose for the fixtures (lights). It’s a simple matter to succeed when you have the right effect from the right lamp in the right place. We have to make sure every lamp has something to add to the lighting portrait. We want to make sure the light will create depth, add a focal point, color or dimension, provide contrast or visual direction, fill in a dark area or light a path, etc. Through the art of outdoor lighting, what we illuminate becomes visually active.

For this job and many others, we visited the property in the daytime before we started. The homeowner was surprised because they felt it is best to see it only at night. During the day, focal points will be more obvious, such as specimen trees, angles, boundaries, and the character and personality of the property. We then see it at night and several nights during the installation to make any necessary adjustments. Every landscape is different so many adjustments usually occur such as repositioning of the fixtures, adding more fixtures, or removing fixtures. Lighting has the ability to change and enhance the natural landscape.