Project Description

A magnificent home in Key Biscayne was the canvas for our next landscape lighting project. This newly constructed Spanish style home has an open-air terrace in the center of the residence. Located in the heart of Key Biscayne South Florida we decorated the entire front and backyard with low voltage LED landscape lighting. This outdoor lighting system is consuming very little energy and the LED lights last for 50,000 hours. That is about 20 years if you have the lights on every night.

In this particular project in South Florida we used the lighting technique called Silhouette-Lighting. Silhouette lighting creates a dramatic effect and is typically very effective on bushes or trees with interesting trunk or branch structure. It’s a very useful lighting technique because it allows you to accomplish two things at once: lighting up the home or building, and providing sharp contrast between the lighted object. In the photo we are silhouette lighting the outdoor chimney for the fireplace.

This particular homeowner is concerned with the security of her home because she lives alone. Who isn’t concerned with protecting their property? Professional outdoor lighting will add an extra layer of protection to your home by deterring would-be intruders. We eliminate those dark shadows in your garden to make you feel more at peace. Safety includes highlighting the tricky spots for the convenience of family and guests. As designer’s we know how to blend home and landscape into one mural of peaceful repose- for all but the uninvited.