Project Description

The LED Pool lighting project in Coconut Grove South Florida gave us an opportunity to beautify the property with a variety of colors. LEDs come a wide variety of colors to create ambient lighting. Our most popular LED is warm white. We have many LED colors like amber, green, blue, and red. Lighting targets like the pool with the proper kind of light can influence a landscape lighting job in so many ways. They can add elegance and be that element that will immediately transform a plain lighting scene into a breathtaking lighting portrait.

The pool deck illuminated with outdoor LED lighting is located next to the homeowner’s living room window. One of the best features of landscape lighting is that you don’t have to go outside to enjoy the view. You can view it from inside the home, through a window. One suggestion we told our client on this job is to install dimmers in the living room, so he can soften the light inside, and enjoy the lighting outside. If not you probably will get a reflection of yourself because there’s more light inside than outside.

Fixture placement is especially important around the pool. Properly lit, water provides pure pleasure for the viewer. Whether it be reflected light from a pool, the motion of water from a fountain or a waterfall, the light seems to be carried through the space by the motion of the water. Illumination of moving water can be magical. Colored lighting looks best in the pool.