Project Description

The Trapp Estate in Coconut Grove South Florida is one of our most impressive jobs we’ve completed. The home is located on South Bayshore Drive in the heart of Coconut Grove South Florida. The home sits on a three-acre lot. We had the pleasure to work with one of South Florida’s top construction companies. With all the planning, this landscape lighting project lasted around 6 months. We worked very closely with a local landscape architect on the landscape and lighting design.

We decided to use LED spot lighting also called up lighting on most of the landscape. Among professional lighting designers, up lighting is the most common and widely used type of outdoor landscape lighting. Up lighting involves using a light fixture mounted in or on the ground at the bottom of the object you intend to light, beaming upward. This method is especially useful for lighting up trees, shrubs, walls, houses, fences and pillars. Up lighting can create specific light beam spreads or patterns, and create different effects.

Miami Landscape Lighting used different levels of light to provide soft transitions between areas to keep the apparent levels of light cohesive. Levels of light from one object to another or visual field to visual field, is key that lets our lighting designers successfully create depth, focal points, triangulation and framing, and add dimension.