Light-Emitting Diodes

What Makes LED so Special?

There are many great advantages of LED lighting — rather than the widely use HID or halogen lighting for landscapes.

Save Save Save!

Unlike other popular lighting systems, LED lighting actually uses about 75% less energy, meaning that you will save lots of money and take a step towards a greener home. Your initial investment will basically pay for itself over time.

Long Lasting

Tired of worrying about burned-out light bulbs and darkness exactly when you need light the most? With the excellence of LED products, you get approximately 50,000 hours of light per fixture. So, you actually get about 18 years of life from LED lights if you light your property from dusk till midnight every day. The competition — halogen lamps, will have to be changed every other year under the same conditions.


Since LED fixtures actually do not have light bulbs therefore no abrupt failures, but diminish over long periods of time (approximately 50,000 hours), there is very little maintenance that needs to be done. With halogen lighting systems, there are numerous things to consider when it comes to maintenance — from replacing light bulbs to checking voltage, something you can usually skip altogether with LEDs.

Save money and time with LED systems simply because they last longer and use less energy.

There is some maintenance involved when it comes to LED systems, but it is inexpensive and quick. There are no additional materials necessary for adjusting the aim of the fixtures when your landscaping outgrows them, or cleaning the lenses.

Add Color with LEDs

In addition to the various tones and temperatures of white LEDs, there are also numerous colors such as red, green and blue. There are also the cool-white colored lights with a blue tint, which are actually the most inexpensive — and that is why they are the most popular. However, there are many attractive options to consider in order to set the desired mood.

Different colors and temperatures of white are used for various reasons. We have found that our clients prefer the warmer and more pleasing tones of white. They are ideal for adding a relaxed atmosphere and giving an area a more natural look. In addition, we can use a brighter white LED when it comes to bringing out the natural colors of a specific plant or details in your landscaping. Most important, we use only top-quality LED products from trusted and popular manufacturers ensuring 100% satisfaction.

Warranty Ensures Security

A product that has an excellent warranty to support it shows that the manufacturer has confidence in what they sell. Our manufacturers offer the most substantial warranty exclusively to our clients because they know that their products will be installed professionally and in a way that they will last. Throughout the South Florida area, there is no other LED product that carries a longer warranty.

With the competition offering coverage for LED products for no more than two years, our manufacturer surpasses them with a five-year warranty for the retro-fit LED replacement lamps. We could even convince them to offer a longer warranty because we know that their products will last far beyond that! We go above and beyond what other landscape lighting companies offer within the Broward areas, and surpass even our own expectations and goals — something that our manufacturer sees and then knows that we represent their products with quality and professionalism.

Cost Breakdown

The halogen system will cost a little less than LED lighting initially, but the LED value is superior and pays off over time. The difference is approximately 25% more initially, but the lowered expenses in maintenance, longer life, and overall greater savings in energy will cost 50% less than halogens over the lifetime of the system.

Our Commitment

We always consider our customers’ preferences, but we suggest the best options — which are LED systems. If the customer is looking for a long-term investment, then the installation of an LED system is definitely the ideal choice to go with. It will cost a lot less over the years, and in addition, look absolutely beautiful. Many clients come to us to renew their landscape lighting system because they did not have the LED option during the initial installment. We are happy to adjust their systems and replace them with an LED system because we know that it is the best choice for them — and a happy client makes us happy!

Our professional landscape lighting designers and installation technicians have years of experience and understand exactly what our clients are looking for. We will help you get the perfect results while saving you money, energy and, most certainly, time.