Front Yard LED Lighting

Residential Lighting

Provide Comfort, Security, and Safety to your property at night.

Professionally designed lighting for your landscape will take the dark canvas of your property and create a true visual masterpiece displaying rhythm, contrast, depth, and overall continuity, bringing your vision to life. We collaborate with our clients and seek to put a little bit of them and their personality into our breathtaking landscape lighting. In addition to the lasting impression which our lighting design will have on our clients and passersbys, the result will also have benefits that will last a long time. Your investment in professional landscape lighting will increase your home’s market value, exceeding all expectations of quality, excellence in design, and certainly become the showpiece property on the block, if not the neighborhood.

There are many ways that you can add curb appeal to your property and increase your overall property value, but in Broward County landscape lighting is the ideal way to achieve this. Whether you plan on selling your property soon or simply want to give your landscape a facelift, calling a landscape installation company for lighting is a good investment. Provide your family with the comfort, security, and safety to enjoy your property at night.

Add Curb Appeal with Professionally Installed Landscape Lighting

A professional landscape lighting company such as Broward Landscape Lighting can professionally apply all of the principles of aesthetics to your property while making it more useful and comfortable. Give your property the facelift it requires and extend its daylight beauty to the nighttime.

Bring out your property’s most attractive details with landscape lighting. Focus Lighting & Spot Lighting offer ambient light for safety and enjoyment. Residential landscape lighting will offer you an opportunity to invest in your property not only for future financial returns, but for comfort, safety and security.

Artistic and Useful Design

Our professional designers will create a combination of artistic and useful design to both reflect your property’s beautiful features as well as your personality and make use of the outdoors. The hardest part of installing lighting to a landscape is combining all of the different purposes of the lighting itself as it has to be both attractive and useful while providing safety and security.

We will give you full control over your design by providing you with the power to adjust light levels or choose from different pre-set light moods which you can set depending on the outdoor activity.

Residential Landscape Lighting Provides Safety and Security

Your family and visitors to your property can safely walk through and around your property without tripping or stumbling on unseen hazards. Broward Landscape Lighting provides professional path-light installations that will offer access to every part of your property.

Prevent Burglaries And Vandalism

In addition to safety lighting for your residential landscape, various lighting techniques can be applied to provide security as well. Professional safety lighting installations can be applied in such a way as to add light even to the darkest spots throughout your property. Our design experts will review your property and determine burglar and vandal access points, where they can be entered undetected and add extra light to them. Prevent burglaries and vandalism on your property and provide added security and comfort for you and your family.

Energy Efficient Landscape Lighting Installations

The benefits in security, safety, and overall curb appeal of your property by far outweigh the initial investment. Broward Landscape Lighting installs only Low Voltage energy-efficient lighting and high-quality durable fixtures that guarantee a long life, low maintenance, and certainly low power bills. With the use of LED lighting, your landscape will be beautifully illuminated for longer with lower monthly electricity bills.

Landscape Lighting that Changes as your Landscape Grows

We guarantee that you will be able to enjoy your professionally installed landscape lighting for years to come without major investment for changes in design. Our flexible installations will meet your landscaping needs today and far into the future, providing you the ability to adjust, relocate, and add fixtures and light as your landscape grows and changes. With our long experience working in South Florida, we understand how fast landscape changes and install landscape systems to change with it.

Install Landscape Lighting without Disturbance

Our installation experts will install, adjust, and maintain your landscape lighting system without the slightest disturbance to your property. Whatever the installation may require, we guarantee that we will leave your landscape intact and will work with respect for your beautiful landscape. Once we are finished with our installation or maintenance, it will be as if we were never there.

Call Broward Landscape Lighting today for more information on how landscape lighting can benefit your property. Provide yourself and your family with the security, comfort and safety of daytime throughout the night.

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