Safety & Security Landscape Lighting


How can lighting help with Security?

Broward Landscape Lighting will be able to design landscape lighting solutions that will help keep invaders and burglars out of your property. By applying various lighting techniques, our landscape lighting design experts will be able to select the proper placement and direction of the fixtures to ensure that if anyone should come near your property they are easily seen.

Keep your family safe from intruders and burglars

Family security is essential and by choosing the best residential landscape lighting service, you can be sure that there is no blind spot on your property where an intruder can hide.

In addition to residential properties, commercial properties can greatly benefit from security lighting solutions, preventing break-ins and vandalism during closed hours. When a property is brightly lit, burglars and vandals are less likely to attempt to approach it.

How can lighting help with Safety?

Safety landscape lighting focuses on giving you, your family and guests safe passage throughout the property, ensuring that all obstacles are lit and easily seen. The use of path lights and pool lights is a common application for safety lighting. Broward Landscape Lighting can pinpoint such hazardous locations and determine what kind of lighting is ideal to ensure that you can see clearly.

Locations such as pools, water features, steps, and general tripping hazards throughout your property must be properly lit to prevent tripping and falling. Unlike security or aesthetic lighting, low-level lighting systems are installed to prevent blinding you with a direct bright beam, allowing your eyes to adjust to the darkness in order to see better.

The application of special lighting for safety in commercial properties is just as important as it is for residential properties. With special safety commercial lighting systems, your customers can easily approach your property down a comfortably lit path and steps directing them inside your place of business. Improve your business and provide your customers with the safety and security they require.

Much more than simply the illumination of a property.

Craftsmanship and experience are required to compose the perfect lighting system since a combination of aesthetics, use and safety are required. Understanding how to combine the practical with the aesthetic components requires years of training and experience. Though a beautifully lit landscape and home is essential for curb appeal, many people overlook the importance of landscape lighting for security.

Security Landscape Lighting

You can count on Broward Landscape Lighting to keep you and your family safe and secure from hazards both inside and outside your property. Family safety is essential and though landscape lighting systems are ideal for making your property more attractive at night, don’t forget the many other benefits they offer. By choosing a landscape lighting service that has experience in providing professional designs that focus not only on combining the different aesthetic elements, but on ensuring properly placed lighting systems that provide security and safety, your investment will pay off.